How to add PR value to urban regeneration projects

When we think ‘regeneration’, we think ‘transformation’.

Regeneration is about revitalising, revising and restoring places that are outdated or run down.

As well as the design and engineering aspects of physical transformation, there is a PR challenge, which is where we come in – to involve local people, to change the perception of places and to generate interest and commercial demand for new homes, leisure and workplaces.

We do this by forming partnerships and creating ideas that capture people’s (and sometimes the media’s) interest.

Here are three reasons why PR adds value to any regeneration project.

• Simple PR initiatives can really liven up an area.

• Regeneration should provide a sense of purpose and hope, a sense of pride and a feeling that a place is on the up, and PR can help to deliver that. To quote George Washington, “With public opinion on our side we can achieve anything; without it, we can achieve nothing.’

• The image of an organisation that invests successfully in regeneration is improved when a community sees regeneration happen, and PR will help to maximise the corporate benefit connecting community support with the organisation’s other stakeholders.

In many places, vital regeneration is overdue. If you are helping to make it happen, we are ready to help you tell your story.