Don’t get left behind: the importance of communication

Why do some property and regeneration projects succeed while others fail? According to analysts Gartner, the main reason for a failed architecture project is lack of communication. Projects sank as stakeholders misinterpreted the designers’ ideas, and the vision was not successfully communicated to the potential buyers.

For those projects that do get off the ground, lack of communication often leads to trouble down the line (see our blog on the subject).

So communication – internal as well as external – has a critical role to play.

To get a project off of the ground takes effective communication between everyone involved: developers, contractors, engineers, planning consultants, agents, environmental consultants, the list goes on. If the project is to be a commercial success, there are the end users to think about, as well as the wider stakeholder groups, including the site’s neighbours and, of course, the planning authorities.

Ideally, everyone involved will be united behind a clear vision.

One crucial aspect of this is in the management of public relations and marketing communications around property developments and regeneration projects. There are often issues with individual parties doing their own thing and minor partners in projects often feel they are left behind when the lead partners go public. This is not only unfair, it’s bad for business. Just as you should want to encourage and promote the people who work for you, so it makes sense to give everyone involved in a project their moment in the sun. Do this well, and the reach of the overall PR and marketing effort can be extended across a wider variety of media and other channels than is the case when one partner goes it alone.

So how do you coordinate PR around a property or regeneration project?

There needs to be an initial briefing stage at the beginning of the project, for everyone involved. For this to be effective, you need to establish who will lead on PR. Good PR means that everyone will be represented, from those in charge of the project to those playing a supporting role. A stumbling block that many new projects face is getting approval for press releases and other content, and keeping track of what has been published. A system must be put in place whereby all draft content can be approved quickly and efficiently. There also needs to be a crisis plan for dealing with any negative situations that may arise.

Consider involving a PR and communications agency. We are experts at communication. We know how to communicate with people at all levels to keep them informed and win support. A lead agency for your project can coordinate with all the partners’ own PR teams to ensure messages are consistent and everyone has an opportunity to benefit from the success of the project.

From the initial consultation, through the planning process and into the marketing of the finished development, a good PR agency takes the pressure off you, keeps stakeholders together and smooths the path to a successful outcome.

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