How to use LinkedIn for business

We see LinkedIn as a natural extension of the face-to-face networking that property professionals do so well. But most people are barely scratching the surface of what it has to offer. To help you make the most of this powerful business-to-business channel, here are a few ideas.

  • Connect to your company – Ensure that you link your personal profile to your company page (you do have a company page right?) and encourage as many staff as possible to do the same. The more employees link their profiles to your company page, the more visible it will be online, boosting your chances of attracting new readers and prospects.
  • Join 50 groups – Many people only join a couple of groups or none at all. With more than 1.8 million groups on offer, you can do much better. Once you’re in a group, the number of prospects you can contact via LinkedIn increases so you can send direct messages to potentially hundreds of people who are not in your direct network.
  • Connect with your current clients and contacts – LinkedIn is an unobtrusive way to keep in touch so you are front of mind when clients and prospects are developing new opportunities. Just a brief note, preferably personalised, and a request to connect will suffice. These connections could well be your best source of referrals, so keep in touch online sufficiently frequently and with fresh content.
  • Share a status update between 11 AM and 3 PM each workday – Don’t miss this easy opportunity to share helpful information and remain front of mind within your network during the hours when they are most likely to be active on LinkedIn.
  • Find your most relevant group and get involved – Choose one group that is the visited most frequently by clients and prospects, and focus your efforts on that one. Post your own discussion or get involved in one that is generating good interest.
  • Download your network database – It’s wise to safeguard information, and this list of names, titles, companies, and email addresses may also prove to be helpful for your marketing efforts outside of LinkedIn.
  • Save your best advanced people searches – LinkedIn will send you a periodic email containing a list of people who meet your specific search criteria.
  • Maximize your professional gallery – This is a great place to showcase your best work but very few users use it to its full potential or even at all. You can make your profile stand out with video, audio, presentations, documents and links to your marketing collateral.
  • Pursue recommendations – While the endorsements feature is easy to use, well-written recommendations are probably a better way to build your reputation for expertise and ability. Don’t be afraid to ask clients for them.

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