Marketing business support services

Business Link Leicestershire was previously run by a Leicestershire and Lincolnshire consortium. When this arrangement ended, the organisation entered a period of uncertainty, compounded by the resignation of the Chief Executive.

  • 32 million readership opportunities
  • 50% increase in new business enquiries

“Working for Business Link across the East Midlands, hopwood public relations has generated massive media coverage. Working closely with our advisers and marketing team, hopwood has consistently delivered start ups, high growth firms and established companies to our events and business support services.”
Neil Farish, Marketing Manager, Business Link East Midlands

Hopwood was hired to provide a virtual press office for the marketing manager at Business Link and to support him to achieve the organisation’s marketing goals. The agency was also tasked with tackling the broader PR issues surrounding changes in the organisation’s circumstances including concern over recent negative coverage.

Hopwood achieved standout PR successes with the campaign, in the course of one year, generating more than £650,000 worth of media coverage, measured in advertising terms, and 32 million readership opportunities. The number of businesses and would-be entrepreneurs approaching Business Link for advice increased by over 50 per cent to 15,000 and the number of people approaching Business Link looking to start their own business soared from 3284 to 4668.

Business Link’s management report stated that it has raised its credibility amongst partners and the business community and that these changes were well received by the target audiences, with the business community positively welcoming the new Leicestershire management which enabled people to see the organisation as leaner and more focused.

We used PR as a marketing tool to attract businesses to come to Business Link for support and advice and also to see it as a portal to business growth. We developed a programme of case studies, rolled out across a range of external and internal media.

Through a series of press releases, hopwood clearly explained the developments and positive implications of the business expansion as they unfolded.

hopwood worked with Business Link to maximise the usage of material generated for the PR campaign and to take responsibility for running communications beyond conventional media into the client’s digital media and stakeholder relations